12x3 Pink Oushak Runner Retro Oushak Carpet, 3.0x12.5ft/Home Living Floor Carpet, Home Carpet, Home Carpet, Corridor Carpet Runner, Persian Carpet Runner

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  • Product Code: 14093479
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  • $646.65
  • Materials: Cotton, wool
  • Length: 380 centimeters
  • Width: 90 centimeters

Feet: 3.0x12.5 cm
Size: 90x12.5 ft

All items natural hand spun wool and strong vilige hand dyed.

Material : Wool on Wool

Color : Village Dyes .

Care:Only dry cleaning
This item washed and ready to use and we ship the item after ironing

Excellent condition,recently washed and ready to use. We do care all before we
ship it .

When you looked at it from one end, it was darker, and when you looked at it from the opposite end, it was lighter .

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