Bedroom Carpet Geometric Bedside Wool Carpet Small Woven Carpet White Natural Modern Wool Pad, 31 "x67"

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  • $200.00
  • Handmade
  • Materials: Cotton, wool
  • Length: 67 inches
  • Width: 31 inches

Bedroom rug from natural unpainted and not bleached
sheep wool made with the "looped" technique.
Lateral sides are decorated with a decorative
braid of the lighter shade than the main color
of the product.

The rug has passed a heat treatment and
keeps its shape well. Made in a single piece!

Primary color - white-off.
Color may vary due to the settings of your monitor.

NOTE: On the dark floor, the mat will look like
white but on the white floor it will look like beige.

This naturally small rug is suitable for the bedroom,
children room or a living room. Standing barefoot
on this rug is very enjoyable. Convex loops add
a pleasant sensations to your feet. It"s a great gift for
housewarming for your friends or relatives.

Size: 31" x 67" (80cm x 170cm) +/- 5 cm

Woven by hand on a traditional wooden loom.
Warp - 100% cotton
Weft - 100% wool

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